[Tweeters] Steller Jay feeders

Margaret Parkinson margparkie at comcast.net
Sun Nov 18 19:42:28 PST 2007

In the last few days someone asked about feeders for Steller Jays that would
keep the crows out. Sorry I have been slow in responding. We use a whole
peanut feeder that we got from Wild Birds that works very well. I do not
remember its name but it looks rather like a circular coiled wire. Ours
hangs from a tree. The Steller Jays are able to grip on to the wires and
take out the peanuts one at a time. Crows cannot to it. (Squirrels, on the
other hand, can get to it and empty it out! We keep the feeder hanging in a
part of the tree the squirrels cannot get to and hang a dome shield over it.
It works well.

Margaret Parkinson
University District

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