[Tweeters] Big Snow Goose flock over Seattle

Jim Flynn merlinmania at comcast.net
Sun Nov 18 22:09:26 PST 2007

Hi Tweets,

I was working in the yard around 10:30 this morning when I heard the faint, yelp of
"non-Canada" Geese. I thought they might be Cacklers since I've read a number
of reports of Cackler sightings in King County. I ran inside and grabbes bins,
dashing back out just in time to see a high flock of Snow Geese winging their
way due south.

Last year we had a mid-October flock of nocturnally migrating Snow Geese fly
over. That flock was only 30 birds or so, although I could've missed some in the dark.

The geese were flying over West Seattle, perhaps heading a little SE towards
the Green/Duwamish valley. Those of you along points south might want to
keep your eyes peeled.

Anyone know if this seemingly late movement is a regular occurrence?

good birding,

Jim Flynn
merlinmania at comcast.net
Seattle, WA

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