[Tweeters] CBC/Scrub Jay question-Please help...

amy schillinger schillingera at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 19 13:34:33 PST 2007

I am a member of Rainier Audubon and take part in their CBC, however, I was wondering if any other chapters include the Renton area in their count circle? I would love to add my mothers and my own yard birds to the appropriate chapter. Of particular interest are the apparent resident SCRUB JAYS I see at the corner of Houser Way and Bronson just parallel to I-405. There is a water retention pond there that the jays stay close to. It is also adjacent to Liberty park where I see them as well. It would be nice if those birds could be added to the count in some way. Thanks in advance for any help!

Amy Schillinger
schillingera at hotmail.com
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