[Tweeters] Still Chock-Full-o-Nuts

Pjgumbo at aol.com Pjgumbo at aol.com
Mon Nov 19 22:15:53 PST 2007

Just FYI, here's one site with heart clearly in the right place and no
obvious conflict of interest that is strongly anti-salt and also provides some
insight on the issue of mandatory roasting of legumes. It is apparently a
matter of raw legumes having some heat-sensitive compound that inhibits important
digestive enzymes.


Thanks also to Gene for the aflatoxin reminder. Of course peanuts and their
products are a major scourge when it comes to health care in general these
days. Pretty sad, considering how much pleasure and nutrition is available to
the non-afflicted.

paul johanson
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North Beach

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