[Tweeters] Jays, Crows, Peanuts, Sodium Chloride, and Roasting of Legumes

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Thanks for the prescient commentary.

Unfortunately, alfatoxins are abundant in nature anyway, though it's a
bit reassuring to suggest that roasting may at least abate the
occurrence in peanuts somewhat. Was there any indication how long it
took for these cancers to develop? (The life span of a Steller's Jay
is ca. 10 years).

Robert Pisano

On Nov 19, 2007, at 5:46 PM, Gene Bullock wrote:

> Sorry to cast a pall on the peanut thread, but peanut mold contains

> aflatoxins, which are potent carcinogens. It's impossible to totally

> eliminate peanut mold and I don't believe roasting eliminates the

> aflatoxins. I was on the public relations staff at MIT when this was

> first discovered in 1965. The Dept. of Nutrition and Food Science

> sent a team to Thailand to study the unusual incidence there of a rare

> form of pancreatic cancer. The climate is very damp and the diet

> depends heavily on peanuts. I love peanuts and still eat them, but I

> try not to overdo it -- and that includes peanut butter. Wheat mold

> may harbor a similar fungus. However, with transfats, food dyes and

> other chemical additives in our foods and cosmetics, this may be the

> least of our worries.

> Gene Bullock

> Poulsbo

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>> I have enjoyed the posts on this snowballing topic and can second the

>> comments on efficacy of the WBU wire-torus peanut cage. For some

>> reason, the crows regard it quizzically but rarely if ever attempt to

>> mount it. Jays can empty it in a matter of hours on a good day.


>> I received strongly anti-salt advice a month or so back when I

>> sought input on economical bulk peanut sources. Interesting to read

>> posts mulling over this aspect. My instinct is that unsalted is

>> probably wisest.


>> However, the earlier respondents drew my attention to another

>> important aspect of this that I think was shared off-line but ought

>> to be a part of this thread. I gather that peanuts as well as some

>> other leguminous products that could conceivably be considered bird

>> feedstock have some component in the raw state that is at least a

>> potential modest toxicant for the feathered ones. However the science

>> shakes out on salt, roasting is supposedly mandatory. I don't have

>> this multiply sourced, but it seems pretty credible.


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