[Tweeters] waxwings at Magnuson Park

Eugene and Nancy Hunn enhunn323 at comcast.net
Tue Nov 20 12:12:06 PST 2007


I spent two hours this morning patroling Magnuson Park in search of Jan Bragg's BOHEMIAN WAXWING. I didn't see it but eventually located a feeding flock with about 30 Cedar Waxwings with a bunch of robins. I think I heard the Bohemian in that area but couldn't pin it down before the flock moved off to the north.

There are lots of hawthorn trees with lots of fruit and a ton of robins about, plus House Finches, American Goldfinches, Golden-crowned Sparrows, etc. The waxwings were in a patch of hawthorns next to the southwesternmost parking lot, the one just northwest of where the old PX used to be, where there is the construction zone fence. If you enter from 65th St. off Sand Point Way take a left at the first intersection at the bottom of the hill, then the second right. However, the birds move around a lot.

I also saw a Cooper's Hawk, two Red-tails, and a Merlin.

Gene Hunn
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