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The Washington BirdBox is a voice mailbox sponsored by the Washington
Ornithological Society. To leave a report about a notable sighting or to
to the most recent reports from other birders, call (206) 281-9172 and follow
the prompts.

Rachel Lawson is the system administrator. She can be reached at
_rachelwl at msn.com_ (mailto:rachelwl at msn.com) .

Please contact me (Phil Kelley) by phone or email if you have any questions,
comments, or corrections about this transcription.

Friday, November 9, 1:45 PM. This is Curtis Pearson, 206-722-9107, and I'm
currently seeing a CATTLE EGRET feeding in the field just North and adjacent
to the soccer field at the University of Washington.

Tuesday, November 13, 11:53 AM. Gail Albertson, in Monroe. I live 2 miles
South of Monroe. And I know this isn't rare, but I have an ANNA HUMMINGBIRD
at my feeder station. That's what I'm reporting on is the ANNA HUMMINGBIRD
in Monroe. My telephone number is 360-805-9509.

Monday, November 19, 12:49 AM. This is Jan Bragg, 206-524-3460. There was
a BOHEMIAN WAXWING today at Madison Park in Seattle feeding on English
Hawthorn berries with a flock of CEDAR WAXWINGS.

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