[Tweeters] explanation re swan/lead story

Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 23 10:54:56 PST 2007

Hi all,

I'm sorry I wrote that post alleging a mistake in the Seattle Times story without explaining what I thought the error was.

My understanding--and I most emphatically do not claim a shred of expertise here-- is that there are three sources of lead still being added or possibly being added. First is anybody can target-shoot on private land any time with all the lead they want to use, I believe. 2nd is the Upland Game season I had heard is not restricted at all as far as lead goes and there is lots of upland hunting in lowland areas--upland is just a word here, especially with the release of Ring Necked Pheasant in estuary habitat. 3rd and this is just surmise on my part, but could there be enforcement issues even in duck hunting?

As I understand it, this is an extremely tough problem from a forensics standpoint, partly because such a tiny amount of lead can do so much damage. It's apparently very difficult to pinpoint or even get any info at all on where the lead is coming from that's killing all these swans, and nobody really knows if it's old, medium or fresh lead. If people don't know, they shouldn't reassure us as though they do.

Just don't apply that rule to me! In fact, I welcome corrections on any facts I have gotten wrong here.

BTW, If this sounds anti-hunting, I'm not anti-hunting, I'm pro-hunting.

Thanks all, Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com residential Beacon Hill, Seattle

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