[Tweeters] Tropical Kingbird remains in Kent

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Rick et al.,

The 287th St. in question is a dead end spur that runs west from West Valley Highway about a mile south of the Smith Brothers Dairy complex at the intersection of West Valley and 277th. West Valley Highway parallels the 167 freeway on the west.

Though some people have had encounters with locals here, I have never had a problem birding along the road.

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I wasn't able to locate the original posts with directions in the tweeters digest. Google shows 3 different 287th Streets in Kent. Can someone please, repost the full address or directions to this bird?


Rick Taylor

Everett, WA


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Still there at 287th Street on Thanksgiving Day, about 11 am. I saw it catch several large insects, so it seems to be doing okay on food for now.

Eric Huston


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