[Tweeters] Rough-legged Hawk at Kent Ponds

Paul Webster paul.webster at comcast.net
Sat Nov 24 16:55:53 PST 2007

Hi Tweets,

Saturday mid-morning Barbara and I arrived at the west side of the Kent Ponds to look for the American Tree Sparrow. Instead, we found a Rough-legged Hawk that flew in and perched in a tree beside the maintenance road where the ATSP has been reported. It tolerated looks from fifty yards or so, but not a crow that made several dives at it. The Rough-leg flew off to the south where it perched briefly in a tree near the central tower, but then moved on to the southwest with the crow in pursuit.

On S. 204th St below the cemetery were lots of dabbling ducks: Mallards, American Wigeon (and a single Eurasian), Northern Pintails, Green-winged Teal, plus a few Northern Shovelers and Gadwalls. On the north side of S. 204th St were a young Cooper's Hawk and an American Kestrel.

Good birding,

Paul Webster

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