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Re: Kauai in April request for guide book and birding site info:

A. Three small guide books:
1) Hawaii's Birds, by Hawaii Audubon Society, lists most birds of the islands with habitat preferences,
good birding locations with maps, and frequency charts by month, also with a photo and brief
description, $10

2) A Pocket Buide to Hawaii's Birds, by H. Douglas Pratt, similar small paperback format but organized
by habitat zones, less useful for general birds but a larger emphasis on the native honeycreepers and
more photos of typical habitat, a list of the top birding spots (only 2 given for Kauai), $9

3) The Birdwatcher's Guide to Hawaii, by Rick Soehren, describes birding destinations in each of the
islands in detail, about 5 pages per site, 7 sites on Kauai, several pages of color photos of habitat and
some birds, $18

B. Two spectacular sites that would appeal to the non-birders in your group as well:
1) Kilauea Point Wildlife Area on the north shore has a spectacular cliff point setting with a lighthouse,
lots of nene (native goose), Laysan Albatross, Red-tailed Tropicbird, White-tailed Tropicbird, Great
Frigatebird, Wedge-tailed Shearwater, etc. very easy walk from the parking lot

2) Kokee State Park on the south, includes winding road up Waimea Canyon rim (which is like a smaller
but still inspiring version of Grand Canyon), forest trails with a view over the Na Pali coast and cliffs
(Kalalau Lookout), and long trails through the Alakai Swamp (best place in Kauai to see native
honeycreepers: I'iwi, Elepaio, Apapane, Amakihi, Akekee)
Some of the hikes are strenuous and, while much of the trail system has board walks over the formerly
knee-deep mud, the Alakai Swamp is one of the wettest places on earth

Gary Kelsberg <kelsberg at u.washington.edu>

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