[Tweeters] Re: Okanogan Co. Osprey

Bob Pearson rrpearson at centurytel.net
Sun Nov 25 02:36:08 PST 2007

I thought I was maybe seeing things when an Osprey passed below me while I was working on an open hillside above the Cowlitz River in Packwood, WA on Tuesday, Nov. 20. It was carrying what appeared to be a fish, and had to circle once to gain the altitude necessary to fly over the hill-top. I thought I had seen Osprey a couple other times in the week before, but my eyesight is such that I'm hesitant about visual IDs, especially when Ospreys are supposed to be gone. Since a definite Osprey ID was made on Nov. 23 in Okanogan Co., I'm much more confident that it was an Osprey here also.

Bob Pearson
Packwood, WA

From: merdave at homenetnw.net

Hi, Tweets: Today, Nov. 23 two of us saw and photographed a very, very
late adult Osprey. It was perched in an evergreen on Lake Woods Golf
Course, where it borders Bridgeport State Park. The last Osprey I saw
anywhere in our area was Sept. 23rd. Meredith Spencer P.S. This is near
where the trout escaped from the pens on Rufus Lake.

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