[Tweeters] Clark County Birding

Wilson Cady gorgebirds at juno.com
Sun Nov 25 21:06:52 PST 2007

Sunday morning (11/25/07) I drove down to Vancouver Lake, Clark
County, in search of some of the birds reported from there by Bob Flores.
I searched in vain through the thousands of CACKLING GEESE for the
Brant. But when I reached the end of Lower River Road the AMERICAN TREE
SPARROW was easily located in the small patch of roses and elderberries
on the south side of the parking/turnaround spot. This was a species I
needed for my Clark County list and had made numerous fruitless searches
for over the years.
When I turned on my cell phone, which I seldom do in the field,
there was a message about a Barred Owl, from Randy Fortish, who was
birding at the Ridgefield Refuge. I returned the call Randy who said that
he would love to see the sparrow so I waited for him to drive down from
Ridgefield. Several other people stopped by while I was scanning the
large flock of ducks on Post Office Lake and were delighted by the
sparrow. The only ducks of special interest were a pair of REDHEAD and
two male CANVASBACKS. A late male COMMON YELLOWTHROAT was working the
bushes around the parking spot when Randy arrived. The Tree Sparrow was
quickly found in the bushes and it even came onto the edge of the parking
lot within twenty feet of us.
Randy led the way back to the Ridgefield NWR and pulled over near
the bottom of the entrance road to the River "S" Unit and put me on the
BARRED OWL, which was another "County Bird" for me. Our gawking up into
the tree created a minor traffic jam as other birders stopped to ask what
we were looking at and then pulled over to view the owl. Both the sparrow
and the owl were "life birds" for Randy.

Wilson Cady
Washougal, WA

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