[Tweeters] Crows, Crows and more Crows.

hjnoble at igc.org hjnoble at igc.org
Mon Nov 26 16:31:28 PST 2007

Hi Tweeters,

Thanks for those who gave us tips on where Crows are roosting now that
the Foster Island numbers seem to be lower. We tracked down the area this
weekend to the Mercer Slough area south of I-90.

Starting just before dusk, you will see tens of thousands of Crows
converging in an area bordered at the south by the Newport Marina at
SE 40th St, on the north by I-90, and along the whole edge of the slough.
It's absolutely spectacular. The only disappointing feature is that
the noise from the highway is so loud that you can't hear the crows.

Directions: From Seattle on I-90 , take the exit for Bellevue Way SE
just after crossing Mercer Island. Turn right at the first opportunity
into a lot for the Mercer Slough/Bellefields Nature Park. Go to the
south end of the lot and walk along the path that has a signpost
for the Mountain-to-Sound bike way. After the path crosses under I-90,
there are several spots where you can look south.

Go and be amazed! You don't need a reason, go just becaws!

Henry Noble & Helen Gilbert

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