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On Fri, 23 Nov "Eugene and Nancy Hunn" wrote in part.
It would be a worthwhile oral history project to interview Yacolt
residents to determine how long they have been established there, as they
are certainly breeding and self-sustaining, at least in the short run.

Gene Hunn
18476 47th PlNE
Lake Forest Park, WA
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On Monday night (11-26) a Portland television news they ran a
story about these Monk Parakeets, apparently there were two birds that
showed up about four years ago. From this pair the colony expanded
quickly and there were three colonies in Yacolt by this fall. Last year
the large stick nests were removed from the poles by the power company
but the residents said the birds were busy rebuilding the nests the next
morning. Last weekend on Sunday one of the nests shorted out an
electrical line knocking power out to part of the town of Yacolt. The
news segment stated that the power company is attempting to catch the
birds Monday at midnight as they roost in the nests and will have them
gassed. The local residents who were interviewed by the reporters
considered the birds the town mascots and doubt that the power company
will be successful in removing these nonnative species. Even people who
lost their electricity over the weekend were rooting for the birds.

Wilson Cady
Washougal, WA
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