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Guy McWethy lguy_mcw at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 19:58:41 PST 2007

The Brooklyn parakeets went thru the same mess, and
the folks there eventually learned to live WITH the
Now they live in man-made houses and do not bother the
power poles.
It just takes a little effort and coordination between
the PUD and the local folks who are willing to make a
spot for a pole for the parrot house(s).
I sent the PUD and the Town Council the information.
I guess they did not bother to read it.

--- Wilson Cady <gorgebirds at juno.com> wrote:

> Tweeters,


> Last night the Clark county PUD did remove

> the five Monk Parakeet

> nests in Yacolt but were only able to capture and

> euthanize three of the

> estimated fifty parakeets. The next step in the plan

> is to have USDA

> personnel shoot the remaining birds with air rifles.

> The Portland news

> station is running a public opinion survey on the

> removal of the nests,

> so far it is 53% against and 40 for the removal. If

> you would like to

> voice your opinion the web address for the news

> station and the poll is:

> http://www.KGW.com/

> Contact information for the Clark County PUD

> is 360-992-3000, the

> person who has been their spokesperson is Lena

> Wittler.


> Wilson Cady

> Washougal, WA

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