[Tweeters] FW: Forwarded : Rats wipe out seabirds on Alaska island

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Rats wipe out seabirds on Alaska island
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- More than 200 years ago, rats jumped ship
for Rat Island. The muscular Norway rat climbed ashore on the
rugged, uninhabited island in far southwestern Alaska in 1780
after a rodent-infested Japanese ship ran aground. It was the
first time rats had made it to Alaska.

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I read somewhere that rat eradication has already resulted in a great
increase in Whiskered Auklet numbers. The eradication efforts in New
Zealand have increased species such as Cook's Petrel. Improved nesting
options in both of these areas is a good thing for Northwest birders. I
know that some oppose measures such as the use of chemicals and poisons -
but it appears to be the only solution.

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