[TWEETERS]- Western Gull having a seal feast (photos)

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Wed Nov 28 09:17:25 PST 2007

Hi all,

I've been slowly reorganizing photos on my hard drive while at the same time reformatting the galleries on my web page. In the process I came accross a few photos that I had forgotten about. The most interesting of these involve a Western Gull that my wife and I encountered at Moclips a year or two ago. He was feeding on a seal carcass on the beach, but he had a very interesting technique. It was a windy day, and the gull would grab ahold of the seal and open his wings. The wind would push him backwards giving him a little extra force to pull chunks free from the carcass. It was quite effective.

Photos of this gull can be found in the new "Gulls and Terns" gallery here: http://www.goatislandimages.com/photogalleries.htm

I have also recently reformatted and updated my "Gallinaceous Birds", "Kingfishers" and "Ducks and Geese" galleries. Check them out if you wish. Feedback on the new format (and any species ID corrections) will be greatly appreciated!

Kevin Mack
Edmonds, WA
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