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Eugene and Nancy Hunn enhunn323 at comcast.net
Wed Nov 28 14:38:23 PST 2007


As you now know I'm the new keeper of the BirdBox (new number is 206-364-1162). Thanks to Rachel for tending it for so many years and to the volunteers who transcribe it. And thanks to all who sent me their opinions and suggestions with regard to the Box. The responses were running about 2:1 to junk it, but with a strong and articulate minority in favor of keeping it, for now.

It is a real dinosaur. A nine year old computer, keyboard, and monitor with 9 year old MSDos software that was originally installed via floppy disks. I'm trying to find out who invented it in the first place and if someone might have updated the software to run on modern machines. If any of you might know something about it please let me know. I googled "Birdbox" and located two or three other systems that were using it, at least as late at 2002 (e.g., Southern California) and am trying to contact the people involved to see what they might know about it.

Meanwhile I will see if I can't add a feature to the existing system that would incorporate a weekly summary, such as on a regular answering machine type rare bird hotline, to include whatever recent sightings might have been reported on the BirdBox plus Tweeters and the grapevine, bypassing some of the rigamarole of the menu. Also, I trust our volunteers with check it daily and transcribe incoming reports promptly to Tweeters so we're all on the same system.

Any additional suggestions about more cutting edge birder communication systems would also be appreciated, as in its present form the Box's days are clearly numbered. I'm home at enhunn323 at comcast.net.

Gene Hunn
18476 47th Pl. NE
Lake Forest Park, WA

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