[Tweeters] On the lighter side of exotics...

Mason Flint masonflint at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 28 21:42:08 PST 2007

All the Monk Parakeet talk reminded me of my recent trip to Phoenix.

I was there with my family, visiting my in-laws but managed to sneak in a
one full day of birding. After seeing a lot of typical Arizona birds as well
as a Northern Jacana (not an "exotic" but fairly exotic nonetheless) at a
golf course in Casa Grande I stopped at Gilbert Water Ranch just south/east
of Phoenix. Among the local birds I saw a nice flock of
Peach-faced Lovebirds and a Grey Goaway
<http://www.azfo.org/gallery/grey_go_away_gilbert_2007.html> Bird.. I
certainly didn't expect either species but got great looks, took notes and
did online research when I got back to a computer to ID the birds. It turns
out both have been seen there for some time.. For a few minutes there I
forgot that I was in suburban Phoenix. I also managed to scare up a
Tennessee Warbler which was pretty cool.

The Lovebirds and Goaway Bird made me want to head to the tropics for some

Regarding Monk Parakeets, I remember seeing them in orchards in up-state New
York back in the 70's. They were considered pests by the farmers.

Mason Flint

Bellevue, WA

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