[Tweeters] Monk Parakeets

Diane Weinstein diane_weinstein at msn.com
Fri Nov 30 17:58:57 PST 2007

Dear Tweeters,

Killing is not the solution to every real or perceived problem. The Monk Parakeets are the victims here. They were introduced through no fault of their own and are simply trying to survive. Since they were introduced by man, it is our responsibility to solve whatever problems associated with their being here in the most compassionate and humane manner possible.

As for non-native invasive species, how far do we carry it? Do we start killing migrants who accidentally show up here for fear that they may find a mate, stay, and prosper? Do we start killing any species that show up here that are being pushed out of their native countries and habitats by global warming?

Man is one of the most invasive species on the planet. Should we make everyone who is not a full-blooded native American go back to their ancestral countries or face execution?

We need to take responsibility for our actions and stop punishing the victims. We created these problems, so we need to solve them with intelligence and compassion. If it costs money to do so, then so be it. Maybe, then, and only then, we will begin to learn from our mistakes.

Diane Weinstein

"In some far part of this universe, ten thousand years from this noon, we may well confront creatures more vital, more intelligent than ourselves who will read in our eyes, one hopes a similar signal. What we want at that moment is recognition. Acceptance. A welcoming into some universal sill. And, once in, we would also hope, there is no killing club behind the door."
-Ray Bradbury

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