[Tweeters] BirdJam info, with links (formerly called BirdPod)

vickibiltz at comcast.net vickibiltz at comcast.net
Fri Oct 5 13:48:32 PDT 2007

A couple of guys already emailed me their take on the BirdJam as it is now called, and since the Holidays are coming up, I am sending this your way, in case anyone wants to get this information to whoever MIGHT get this for you for Hannukah/Christmas etc......I am definately going to make sure I get set up, I have LOTS of room on my iPod.

Thanks to Guy McWethy, & Mason Flint for their quick replies.....
here is Guy's message, complete with links for your browsing...
Vicki Biltz

From: Guy McWethy <lguy_mcw at yahoo.com>
To: vickibiltz at comcast.net
Subject: Re: [Tweeters] Bird Pod information requested
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 20:22:37 +0000

> Hi Vicki,

> I have had one now for a couple of years, and LOVE IT!

> The new ones from BIRDJAM (renamed from BirdPod) come

> complete with a water-resistant speaker set up, with

> the Stokes East and West installed, for about $300.

> Loaded Nano for $199, $50 for the speaker.

> http://www.birdjam.com/


> You CAN get the software from them and do it yourself.

> I have re-installed the whole thing once (for both

> east and west) onto my older IPod sucessfully. It

> look a little work, but was not bad. And once set up

> on your PC, the IPod updateed easily.

> Their speaker system

> (http://www.birdjam.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=74)

> works for the older IPod and Nano. I am thinking

> about getting one of these myself! Is MUCH more

> compact than my current Tivoli speaker system.


> A friend of mine got the whole set-up (speaker, Nano,

> all installed) and she is a complete computer novice,

> and she is enthralled with it!


> I think I saw a service for loading the whole thing

> onto your IPod for $20, somewhere on their site.


> I would definitely give it a good review!


> Guy

> --- vickibiltz at comcast.net wrote:


> > Hi,

> > A long while back I had asked about the bird pod

> > program, I got some mixed reviews. So I didn't

> > purchase one.

> > Now I am wanting to try to bird more, and have

> > become rather rusty with my bird calls. Has the

> > birdpod program ever been updated, where it is now

> > easier to install onto your IPod???

> > Any information would be very helpful. I have

> > loads of room on my iPod, and already have the

> > stokes for Western U.S. on there, but would really

> > like to update as well as add the Eastern U.S.

> >

> > Thanks,

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> > Vicki Biltz

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