[Tweeters] vulture over Maple Leaf

Dennis Paulson Dennispaulson at comcast.net
Fri Oct 5 14:59:28 PDT 2007

Hello, tweets.

At 1:55 pm, I drove into the driveway from a shopping trip, and a  
Turkey Vulture was rising up straight above the house, may even have  
come from the ravine behind. It gained altitude rapidly and then flew  
off to the west. This is only the third one I've seen from here, the  
others being on 27 Sep 92 and 27 Sep 01. I'm sure I would have seen  
more if I spent more time outside looking up. I don't see Red-tails  
every day, but 10 minutes after the vulture sighting, an adult Red- 
tail rose up, surely out of the ravine, and flew off to the south. I  
stayed outside for a half hour more and saw nothing other than  
subtantial numbers of robins flying over, perhaps totaling 150, and  
generally heading northwest.

Why don't those geese go over in the daytime? I think I sleep too  
soundly to hear them going over at 4 am!
Dennis Paulson
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