[Tweeters] Front porch action

Neens neens at wavecable.com
Tue Oct 9 12:11:13 PDT 2007

I am so tickled! I have a group of mourning doves on my front porch
enjoying the scatterings from my silly Jay!

I work from home, and the stress with my job is HUGE. Looking out the
window in front of my desk, watching these sweet little guys waddle around
picking up the mess is very soothing. My husband refers to the porch action
as the birdie equivalent of a fish tank. :O)

Nuthatches abound, and both my Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers are having a
field day on the suet feeders hanging from the porch. :O) Of course, my one
ever-present Jay seems to think everything on the porch is his, like an
unruly toddler, but he is getting better about sharing, and the other birds
are VERY good at ignoring him.

neens at wavecable dot com

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