[Tweeters] Tropical Kingbird is/was at Marymoor Pk, King Co 10/9/07

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Tue Oct 9 14:18:14 PDT 2007

Hi Tweets -
Today at noon I came across a TROPICAL KINGBIRD at Marymoor Park
[Technically, since I never heard it vocalize, I suppose we can't
rule out Couch's Kingbird, but given the vagrancy patterns I'm not
sweating it too much....]. I watched it long enough to get good looks
at the white throat, yellow-green breast & belly & plain tail. Then I
went to find a pay phone [being the last birder left without a
cell....] to alert Michael Hobbs & MaryFrances Mathis. Unfortunately,
by the time I returned, the Kingbird was gone.
We looked until about 1:30, without ever relocating the bird. I hope
it turns up again -- it seems that most of these Tropical Kingbirds
tend to stick around for a few days, so I think it would definitely
be worth some searching despite our bad luck this afternoon.

This link provides a useful map of Marymoor:
The TRKI was flycatching from a lightpost and a small grove of trees
along the fenceline for the baseball field marked as #6 on the map,
in the northeast part of the park. From the main road that goes
through the park, take the entrance to Parking Lot G, the one that
runs between the soccer fields and the sparrow piles. Park as soon as
you turn off the main road. Cross the main road and walk across the
field north of the road towards the ball diamonds. You'll be walking
across a field right of the old astroturf cricket green. The TRKI was
flycatching from a lightpost and group of trees near the restrooms at
the corner of field #6 & #7. While I watched it, it never ducked down
into the lower shrubs, staying prominently perched up high.

Also present today at Marymoor were some other nice birds:
AMERICAN PIPIT - 50 or more, mostly in the field between the road and
ball fields [that's why I headed over to this random part of the park]

WESTERN MEADOWLARK - 12 at least - also in this field [2 [more?]]
were in the East Meadow.

NORTHERN SHRIKE - in the East Meadow [first of season for me]

NORTHERN HARRIER - over the East Meadow

Hope it turns up for others -- We'll sure be looking on our Thursday walk!

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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