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Subject: fill fun yesterday
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Date:    Tue, October 9, 2007 3:40 pm
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Hey tweets, as if the Lapland Longspur weren't wonder enough, a flock of
more than 200 Snow Geese flew over the Fill yesterday afternoon in a
couple of vee's that straddled the sky, tootling as they flew. They were
high up, flying south.

As for the longspur, you wouldn't think that a collage of beige, white,
black and chestnut could dazzle, but the newly minted feathers of this
bird do almost glow with life. It is a very bright fellow. I watched it in
company with other birders (what could be more sublime?) for many minutes
as it breast-stroked its way through the short grass near the trail. I say
"breast-stroked" despite the fact that we weren't in water, and the bird
has no hands or arms to swim with, even if it had been in water. But the
way it would put its head down and kind of stroke through the grass blades
was reminiscent of a swimmer parting the waters. When dogs would go by,
the longspur froze, making it almost impossible to see, even when I knew
exactly where it was. It knew where we were too. I could tell it was aware
of us but didn't seem to mind, as long as we kept our distance, made no
sudden motions, and were generally respectful.

Also at the Fill were large numbers of American Wigeons, a single male
Hooded Merganser in breeding plumage, and a Ring-necked Duck. Also, hordes
of Yellow-rumped Warblers, both varieties, two Red-Tailed Hawks, and a
Cooper's Hawk who made the Belted Kingfishers go silent - wasn't sure
anything could. - Connie, Seattle

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