[Tweeters] photos of the "Arboretum Owl"

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Wed Oct 17 16:35:36 PDT 2007

Most definately..........Barred Owl. The first picture had me squinting (and hoping) for a Great Gray but the 2nd shot with the head turned proved Barred. Bryan M, Orting, maynferg at comcast.net
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> Dear Tweeters


> It turns out that my colleague Joe Garbini took two pictures

> of the "Arboretum Owl", which he has sent to me, and which are

> available here:


> http://faculty.washington.edu/sidles/QSE_is_in_NP/owl_1.png

> http://faculty.washington.edu/sidles/QSE_is_in_NP/owl_2.png


> These photos are unretouched ... I hope they are sufficient

> for an identification.


> Just to mention, that original post was *mine*, not Connie's!


> So if this owl is a "mega-bird" ... then the credit is entirely

> due to Joe and Jaime Garbini!


> And if should be just an "urban owl", oh well ... as Connie

> says "If you don't look, you don't see!", and I hope folks

> weren't too inconvenienced.


> Happy birding ... John Sidles


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