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BRAD YONEOKA yoneoka01 at msn.com
Wed Oct 24 10:46:34 PDT 2007

as one who both hikes/scrambles and birds, birds are an afterthought on a hike.  but this hike to davis peak by salmon la sac turned out to be a good birding trip.

this popular hike in the teanaways is marred by a fire [last year?].  the trail was closed and reopened mid-summer last year.  what makes this so special is the great thermals above this mountain are favored by raptors.  i saw 5 bald eagles- 1 adult and 4 immatures, the silhouette of what looked like a sharp-shinned hawk and a northern goshawk.  plus i saw a couple of common ravens cruising by.  insects have returned to the firezone douglas firs, attracting a pileated woodpeckers and two adult hairy woodpeckers with their dramatic markings.  by the evergreens, i saw 2 eastern kingbirds, 2 mountain chickadees i think,  an american robin worm in tow, and 6-8  unrecognizable lbbs.   if i was better at bird songs, i might identify several other birds.

it takes two hours of hiking to get to see the accipiters.  
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