[Tweeters] more photos and Spider question

Ruth and/or Patrick Sullivan godwit513 at msn.com
Tue Sep 4 12:45:43 PDT 2007

Hello Tweets,

We show some of my photos what I took on our last trip.We was searching at Horn Rapids for the Olive Clubtail. After three hours in high heat we finally found one of the kind of rare Dragonflies.In the mean time I found something what I never looked at so attractive Spiders.I could not resist taken some photos.The dilemma is even so we got two Spider books, we still did not ID theme.It would be very helpful if any of you birders know also spiders.I also photographed the Side -blotched Lizards which are common in that area.
There is always more to learn about our nature .As you can se we did not found any rarities on birds,but many nice and unexpected in the area where we visiting.As you see the town at Washtucna have a new Sign put up ,that this is a area what got a lot of birds.This people are bird friendly and welcome birders,and please stop by the new store what makes some good cold drinks and good coffee.You also can find items what you forgot,since there is nothing around to you get to Othello. The photos can be viewed at the following address: http://www.pbase.com/godwit/insects_and_other_animals


Ruth Sullivan
godwit513 at msn.com

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