[Tweeters] Wed Morn - Immature Male Costa's in the Agastache Patch

John & L. S. Allinger jonymike at pacifier.com
Thu Sep 13 06:16:55 PDT 2007

Wow, the hummingbirds keep dropping in, and they appear to be a new
individual or two nearly every morning. Two days ago I watched a young male
ANNA's Hummingbird feeding and it was shortly run-off by a RUFOUS - the most
numerous of our visitors. Neither of these appeared to have returned, so it
was likely a long-distance chase.
Wednesday morning another unusual looking hummer visited the potted
agastache plantation beyond the patio, and sent me looking for the
binoculars again. The field mark -post ocular stripe- indicated it was
likely a young male COSTA's. Sure hated to see the regular family of Rufous
Hummingbirds leave in late August, but the follow-on show of migrants isn't
that bad!
John & L. S. Allinger
Hockinson, Clark Co., Washington
Elevation: 500 feet / 160 meters
Latitude: _45_45_N
Longitude: _122_30_W
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