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Contrarywise, Wilson Cady and I also birded the game range from about 9:00 - 1:00. We walked in from the STP, which turned out to have been a mistake. After walking for hours and seeing nothing of note except for a dozen Wilson's Snipe, Mr. Cady found a flock of 4-6 Pacific Golden-Plover with at least 4 Buff-breasted Sandpiper and a juvenile Ruff, due south of the bowling pin thing at the end of Tonquin Ave. We'd have done much better entering the game range from Tonquin. As we finally made our way back to the STP, having met up with Ryam Merrell and several other birders, a juvenile Ruff was located at the north end of the lagoon just east of the STP. Could well have been the same Ruff. Note that this is a different Ruff than the one photographed by Charlie Wright.

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Today, I birded the game range at Ocean Shores for about 4 hours. I covered the whole salicornia marsh area and kept an eye on the water closer to the beach. I did not see any Buff-Breasted Sandpipers, golden plovers, or a Ruff today. There were six Baird's Sandpipers, one Short-billed Dowitcher, a couple Greater Yellowlegs, and lots of Least and Western Sandpipers. Some of the Westerns are starting to go into basic plumage. Also, 2 Purple Martins flew over the game range for a few minutes. American Pipits seemed to be all over the place as well.

In the water near the end of the jetty rocks, there were 3 Harlequin Ducks present. The Ocean Shores STP had the usual shovelers and Heermann's Gulls present with a surprise Black-legged Kittiwake bathing with the gulls. I later saw the same bird resting on the jetty just west of the STP.

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