[Tweeters] Fir I Buff-breasteds

Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 13 21:38:29 PDT 2007

Dear Tweeters,

Although some other birders missed the Buff-breasted
Sandpipers on Fir Island earlier today, I found five
of them there at about seven in the evening. What a

I thought there were four, but it turned out that one
was foraging off in the distance away from the others.
There were also forty or more Killdeer out there. The
spot was east of Maupin Road, several hundred meters
south of Rawlins Road, more or less due east from the
mansion that sits on a knoll. They were in the short
grass, not the row crops or the dirt fields. 

My non-birder daughter and sometime chauffeur (or
would that be chaufeuse?) looked at the BBSA also; she
remarked that they looked like robins. Sigh.

Yours truly,

Gary Bletsch

near Lyman (Skagit County), Washington

garybletsch at yahoo.com

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