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Nancy Hertzel autumn207 at comcast.net
Fri Sep 14 18:19:45 PDT 2007

This is the Washington Birdbox report for Friday, September 14, 2007.
Birdbox is sponsored by the Washington Ornithological Society.

Tuesday, September 11, 6:09 PM
This is Ryan Merrill. Today there were five BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS on
Maupin Rd. at Fir Island, half a mile south of Rawlins Rd. in the grassy
field, and then there were also two more on Sullivan Rd. at the
beginning of it, up in the Samish flats.

Friday, September 14, 5:46 AM
Hi, this is Tom Aversa calling Friday morning, reporting on a trip
Thursday down to the Ridgefield area. In the Vancouver Lake area, there
was a BLACKPOLL WARBLER. It was grounded apparently with a large group
of migrants. The weather was kind of nasty, cloudy, but the bird may
still be around. If you want to look for the bird, it was at the end of
Vancouver Lake; there's access from La Frambois Rd. near the school in
Vancouver off the main north-south road - not sure what it's called, but
anyway it goes into the wildlife area, the Shillapoo Wildlife Area; you
follow that to the end to the lake, there's a dirt road that goes in on
the side of the lake. Follow that in about 400 yards, about a quarter of
a mile -- you're along a field the whole time, but there's an edge; at
that point, you'll see a steel structure in the field. Along that edge
at the beginning of the field, there's a good cottonwood stand and quite
a clump of trees; that's where most of the migrants were. Good luck if
you look.

Transcribed by Nancy Hertzel
autumn207 at comcast.net

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