[Tweeters] First Cal. Scrub-jays in Ocean Park

Judy Roth ravan at centurytel.net
Sun Sep 16 09:27:54 PDT 2007

First, a apology for poor form, errors,et all.
I just can't see a damn thing anymore.

S a t pair of Scrub Jay, The first we've seen in ten years here.
Second  and third growth   treed tracts
are being cleared at an accelerated rate.

Brown Creepers are becoming yard birds..
   Because of the large Red Elderberry holding court by the stream  
and pond, we again had nesting Hermit and Swain-son's Thrushes.
   The Anna's have taken  over from Roufous   and resides in close  
proximity to all Hummer feeder stations.
   One family of Crow this year showing pi-bald d white primaries and  
secondaries  and tails. partially white..
   The Townsend Warblers are in for the
fall to spring season.
   Hairy and Downey both in board for winter.
   Thanks again for your patience.

Judy Roth
Ocean Park, Wa
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