[Tweeters] Pine Siskins

W WM WOODS wwwbike at verizon.net
Mon Sep 17 06:40:44 PDT 2007

Being serious bicycle birders, we are always listening and watching for
birds on our bicycle outings. On Friday September 14, we took a bicycle ride
along the Chehalis Western Trail between Lacey and Rainier in thurston
County. At the junction of Waldrick Road and Military Road, we saw a large
flock of 50 or more Pine Siskins. They may have been in that area just to
drink from a circular watering trough alongside the fence in a prairie area
that has pastures for cattle and some for horses, but there were no visible
animals in the pasture with the Siskins. It was the first active flock we
have seen in many years. They were softly and constantly twittering; only
occasionally sounding off with their rising-pitch buzz.

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