[Tweeters] An interesting interaction between a raven and a blackbear and me

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Fri Sep 21 00:40:05 PDT 2007

In his book The Mind of the Raven, Bernd Heinrich theorizes that ravens
accompany and assist human hunters in order to get a share of the kill.
He based his thinking in part on observations of ravens and elk hunters
in the Yellowstone area of Montana.

Since ravens and crows apparently despise each other, I wonder what was
going on with the crow in your anecdote?

Dale Chase

(AKA ravenintherain)
Seattle, Washington
ccorax at blarg.net

Dawn Bailey wrote:

> Great Story Rob! My husband use to bowhunt elk, and if a raven spotted

> him while hunting elk, that would be it. A weird orrrck type call from

> a raven and the elk would melt into the bushes.


> Years ago, I was trying to watch ravens eat at a carcass in graham. I

> could hear them from my car and would walk down the hill to sit and

> try to wait them out. I made a blind of tree limbs. Every time they

> would of course hear or spot me and fly back into the dark trees.

> After about 10 min they would send out a spy in the shape of a crow,

> he or she would fly over my head caw and go back to the woods. no

> matter how long I waited they would not come to eat, though the crow

> would check on me every 20 minutes or so. I would finally walk back up

> the hill and I could hear the ravens calling before I got to my car,

> this went on for days, until there was nothing left for them to eat.

> I never did see the ravens, just one crow.


> Dawn Bailey

> Eatonville, WA

> dawnsdog at rainierconnect.com


Dale Chase
(AKA ravenintherain)
Seattle, Washington
ccorax at blarg.net

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