[Tweeters] Backwoods of Pend Oreille Co WA

Nena Cook cooknena at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 21 15:26:38 PDT 2007

Hi Tweeters...........been a busy summer here, now appears to be winding 
down. My hummer's have left, haven't seen any for couple weeks so took the 
feeders down today. My brother in mid WA said they still have some hummer's 
there not many and a few Gold Finch left.
I still have some Finch hanging around the finch sock and course the cute 
winter natives, nuthatch and chickadees who will hang out here for treats 
all winter are coming daily. A blue jay visited one day probably on his way 
south, don't see them too much here, ocassionally have a Stellar Jay drop 
by. Woodpeckers are passing and stopping on the Hawthorne tree much to my 
dislike, last year they girdled it good so I get the sprinkler on the water 
hose and encourage them to go elsewhere, usually the big Downy's.
the southbound Canadian honker's are getting their fill in the neighbour's 
oat pasture, looks like a black sea when I look over there, just tons of 
them there. My resident hawk paid a visit last week and decided two of my 
sting bug eating guineas would be a good meal much to my dismay, the rest of 
them went scattering to hide under any bush they could and sounded the alarm 
for well over an hour.
The cowpens or thats what I call them, that hang around my burros for a 
piggy back ride were gathering yesterday so looks like they are about to 
take off.
The regular's are here and will be of the larger sky critter like the Raven 
and Eagles. I enjoyed the Raven story and the bear. The Kalispell Indian 
Reserv is butted up next to us here and the Raven is revered as a totem. I 
know they seem to be an intelligent bird and always seem to know when its 
time for me to be throwing out bread for the critters, they appear. They 
have even tried to cart off my son's deer horns doing the European 
weathering, usually end up dropping them somewhere in the chicken area 
though thank goodness but they will cart off anything they can carry around 
here if it might be edible. Funny bird....and do have a distinct call. I 
often see Crow's following behind them too.
Thats about it for the bird news here at the ranch, Good birding to all, 
Nena NE WA

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