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I am so very sad to hear of Patrick's death. I did not ever meet him, nor
Ruth, but I feel like I know them both through their detailed and
informative Tweeters posts and wonderful photography. I always felt I would
run into them some time, some where while birding and was always on the
lookout for them. I am so sad at the loss of a wonderful young man and send
my thoughts and very good wishes to Ruth.

Margaret Parkinson

University District, Seattle

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I am very saddened to report the death of Patrick Sullivan on September
19th, 2007. It is a great loss to his mother, his friends, and the birding
community. Patrick fought a lifelong battle against bipolar disease, and it
finally defeated him. He took his own life two days after he had returned
from the WOS convention at Ocean Shores. He was 35 years old.

Patrick began his birding with Bob Ramsey when he was only eight. Bob had a
junior naturalist program at Snake Lake Nature Center, and Patrick was his
star student.

As Patrick's knowledge of birds grew, he became an outstanding birder. He
was in demand as a leader of field trips for Audubon and WOS. He was in his
element when he was birding. In recent years he shared his love of birds
through his photography, which he posted on his website.

Patrick will be sorely missed by the birding community.

Remembrances in Patrick's name may be made to Nisqually National Wildlife
Refuge, 100 Brown Farm Road, Olympia, WA 98516. Nisqually was always one of
Patrick's and Ruth's favorite birding spots.


Dennis Paulson

1724 NE 98 St.

Seattle, WA 98115


dennispaulson at comcast.net

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