[Tweeters] Patrick Sullivan

Ilene Samowitz rockawaybirder at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 22 21:27:49 PDT 2007

I am very saddened to hear about Patrick.  My
heartfelt condolence to you Ruth.  Although I haven't
seen either of you in a few years I have very fond
memories of birding with you both especially on a trip
out to Tokeland, Midway Beach, and Westport.  During
that trip, I decided to buy Ruth's old camera and that
turned a new leaf in my life.  I have enjoyed several
birding trips with you both and have met you both
numerous times in the field.  Patrick was an awesome
birder and I learned a lot from birding with him.  I
will remember him fondly.

With sadness,

Ilene Samowitz
Seattle, WA
Rockaway Beach, OR

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