[Tweeters] That last field trip at WOS on Monday...

Thomas Mansfield tmiseattle at msn.com
Sun Sep 23 20:09:19 PDT 2007

Like everyone who knew Patrick (and how can you say Patrick without saying
"and Ruth?") I am stunned and saddened - and, frankly, at a loss for words
adequte to express my sorrow for Patrick's passing and my concern for his
devoted mother. Patrick was a superb birder and a caring and considerate
trip leader. I feel so fortunate to have been on what would become his last
field trip last Monday during WOS - covering one of his favorite areas,
Ocean Shores South. Patricia Lott so ably described the day in her post and
Patrick's kindness at helping those of us less experienced. Establishing a
scholarship would be a wonderful way of honoring Patrick and encouraging
others, as would naming a trail or particular area after him. Count me in
(Dennis, Randy, Denny, Mike) and know that I will help in any way that I
can. The Sullivans' incredible contribution to regional/national birding
will live on in their many records and photographs and our memories. We are
all so fortunate. Tom Mansfield, Seattle.

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