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Tue Sep 25 08:04:24 PDT 2007

I have hesitated writing up to this point, but now I feel it is time.
First I want to thank everyone who has written, Ruth is reading, and has remembered every person that has told of the times they met both Ruth and Patrick. I do hope everyone who has thought of writing, to please do so. No matter how little you think you have to say, it brings comfort to us all, especially to Ruth. These letters have brought many tears, but much comfort. We are saving them and later I will print them out on nice paper at my husbands office, for a memory book. I also plan to find a way to get the pictures printed out on professional paper as well.
I knew who Ruth and Patrick were, long before we met. I first Ruth met at the Slaty-Backed Gull in the Tideflats of Tacoma. We started birding together, often when Patrick was with someone else, and other times (much to our delight) we went as a threesome.
Patrick was always so good about taking you 'under his wing' so to speak. I was fairly good at the bird calls, but nothing compared to his uncanny ability. I always had to run, huffing and puffing, to keep up with him. I did learn a lot from both Ruth and Patrick, and am sorry that my schedule prevented me from continuing our birding adventures.
One of my fondest memories, was my last bird-a-thon. Patrick, Ruth and I, with my husband as the driver, swept across the state at breakneck speed, and I again was running behind him trying to see what he was seeing and hearing, he was just too fast and quick for me. We had a 'record breaking' count that year, at least for me. A HUGE number of birds, but Patrick gets credit for most all of them. I wish I knew where my records were at for that trip. Maybe the Tahoma Audubon has them on file. Perhaps I will find them someday in one of my stacks.

Ruth raised a wonderful son, and they were a wonderful team. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was really wishing there was a way I could get together with them, we hadn't talked in so long. But with so many of us, we are too busy.
Too busy is never an excuse, for it has been my loss not to see Patrick again.
But as many have stated, I know I will never look at another bird without seeing Patrick. Birding is what kept Patrick going throughout the struggle of his life. He loved his mother so very very much, and knew she loved him. She was devoted, and did the best she knew how.
I lost a brother 1 1/2 years ago to suicide. I know your life is never the same. You are forever changed as a person, your heart has been torn out of your being. I cannot know the pain of being a mother losing a son. How much greater must that be.
I sign off with this poem I wrote several years ago. It was during a very sad time in my life. I hope to encourage Ruth and those who are weeping in the depths of their souls, with this. I am not a poet nor do wax eloquent in writing, but still I want to share this.....

Softly blow
the winds of time
they take their toll
upon me.
and time will tell
if all goes well
to heal the soul
within me.
arid winds,
and sunlit skies
banish lies
against me.
and birds that fly
they catch my eye
and calm the storms
within me.
Softly move
the hands of time
as clouds across the sky.
slowly heals
the wounded heart
as gentle rains
caress me.
and fallow ground,
though all around
respond to earths'
life tremors.
and spring will bud
amidst the flood
of living, moving waters.
Softly blows
the winds of time
to heal the song
within me.

Vicki Biltz
Bonney Lake Wa
vickibiltz at comcast.net

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