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Tue Sep 25 08:04:30 PDT 2007

Thinking of extraordinary bird finds made by Patrick and Ruth brought to mind the pink footed goose and bean goose of Grays Harbors County a couple years ago. He was an extraordinary birder and was so willing to share his and Ruth's finds.

I met him for the first time when he and Ruth came to my place to photograph mountain quail. I still remember him politely chiding Ruth and I for talking too loudly. One can't meet Ruth and not start up a conversation.

It is said a person's life can be considered successful if he or she has made a positive impact in another person's life. Patrick had an impact on all our lives by not only helping us find amazing birds but by helping us to realize how important it is to be a part of nature when we are out in it, by being quiet and keeping our eyes and ears open. And by learning to be a part of nature we become more aware of the importance of nature to not only the birds and other creatures out there but to us. And if we, as birders, can make an improvement or change in what happens in nature, whether through donations, political advocacy or helping others become aware of their part in nature, we have bettered ourselves. Patrick's life was certainly a success despite whatever down times he may have had.

Perhaps the call of the birds was finally to much to resist and Patrick has now migrated to another plane of existance. We will miss him and his amazing posting to Tweeters.

Ruth, you raised an amazing young man. None of us can miss him as dearly as you will. Our thoughts are with you.

I do hope someone is printing out all these memorials and putting them in a binder for Ruth. Damn these leaking eyes...

Mary Hrudkaj
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