[Tweeters] unusual large gulls in Port Townsend - can you help identify?

Andrew Reding aareding at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 13:46:19 PDT 2007

Thanks to all 7 of you who unanimously helped identify the previous
bird, a Pacific loon in breeding plumage that did not quite match the
otherwise excellent Sibley illustrations (Sibley underestimates the
brightness of the upper rear head plumage).

I am new to the area since last December, but thanks to you, i am
learning quickly!

Here are two mystery gulls:

One of them has helpfully raised his wings. From the Sibley guide
illustrations, i am guessing western gull ... am i right?

Please click on "view largest photo" or "download largest photo" to get
closer to original size.


Andrew Reding
Port Townsend
aareding at gmail dot com

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