[Tweeters] Common Yellowthroat Question

Douglas Canning dcanning at zhonka.net
Tue Sep 25 14:00:32 PDT 2007

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Yesterday afternoon at the beaver pond at McLane Creek Nature Trail 
(Capitol State Forest, Thurston Co.), I got a good, long look at a 
female Common Yellowthroat perched in a Cat-tail - Reed Canarygrass 
marsh, and then flying into cover, carrying something the shape of a 
short fat worm, or a caterpillar, or an arthropod slumped in her beak. 
I then heard some thrashing around in the dry grass. 

I've reviewed the current volumes of "Birds of..." for Washington, 
Oregon, and British Columbia, plus Birds of North America Online, and 
an adult Yellowthroat carrying food to nestlings at this date is very 
much outside the window of recorded observations, and seemingly quite 
improbable. But that's what I seem to have seen.

Any comments or alternative interpretations?

Thanks, Doug

Douglas Canning
Olympia, Washington
dcanning at zhonka.net

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