[Tweeters] Patrick and Ruth

Sue Chickman organicallysue at olypen.com
Wed Sep 26 13:47:02 PDT 2007

I, too, wish to send my sincerest condolences to Ruth. It's abundantly
clear that you and Patrick are a bright spot, not only in my life, but all
birders' lives as well as natural life. For years, I have been amazed by
both of you reporting from so many places around Washington.what an
extraordinary lifestyle it is to be free like birds to flit from one
location to another day in and day out.

Some of my fondest memories of birding include you and Patrick in
it.photographing the Palm Warbler in Tokeland, introducing me to your
wonderful binoculars at the Sequim-Dungeness Christmas Bird Count, setting
your spotting scope on the hundreds of Sooty Shearwaters flying so far off
shore (which I never would have seen without your pointing them out), and
showing us during the 2004 Audubon Council of Washington how habitat has
been lost for Snowy Plovers on Washington's beaches.

You and Patrick have done so much for promoting what's good in this world; I
know this legacy will continue for generations to come. Patrick's legacy
and inspiration are not just huge for the future, they are also huge for
right now. Thank YOU, Ruth, for that. Fondly and through three days of

Sue Chickman

Formerly of Sequim, now of Sammamish

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