[Tweeters] Hawk ID help needed ...

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Your first hunch was correct. The photo shows a Red-tailed Hawk adult,
fairly typical of many in the Northwest that show a light rusty wash across
the upper breast. You can see in the photo just a corner of the rusty brown
tail of an adult. Possibly the bird's more alert posture shows a heightened
awareness to movement nearby. Nice photo!

Good birding, Bob

A bird designed to puzzle birders from eastern N. America, who see much
paler adults on average.
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> hi group ... I'm almost hesitant to post but I could use help with this

> bird ... I'm thinking a Red-Tailed however I'm new to birding this year

> and all of my IDs aren't that great ... I've gone thru the books and I've

> Googled lots of pix ... however there's something about the posture of

> this bird and the dark coloration and lack of white which makes me

> hesitant to say it definitely IS a Red-Tailed ... his location was

> Ridgefield NWR up by the entrance gate ... I've seen lots of Red-Tails

> down below on the Refuge land and all of the ones I've seen have much more

> white patching on the chest and they seem to "slouch" (my term and most

> likely not a technical bird term) when they sit ... this guy doesn't ...


> http://englishriverwebsite.com/RidgefieldNWR/Images07Sept/ridgefield_NWR_hawk_on_post_09-19-07.jpg


> thanks in advance,

> Lyn

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