[Tweeters] Vaux's Swift Nesting/Roosting Box ??

Guy McWethy lguy_mcw at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 27 13:19:04 PDT 2007

Hey Tweets!
Has anyone tried a Vaux's Swift Nesting box or
roosting box?
I found some information about the requirements, but
have not tried one myself.
The info I found indicated that the nesting box had to
be 12 inches by 12 inches wide, and 12 FEET long!
With a side opening about 6 by 4 inches, near the top.
And located about 20-30 feet off the ground.
I was considering strapping one to the side of my
chimney, but have not getten around to it.

Has anyone tried such a thing here in the NW?

Guy McWethy
Renton, WA
mailto: lguy_mcw at yahoo.com

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