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Thank you for this.

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We were so sad to hear of Patrick's passing. We have lost a great man in our lives. We agree with what has been posted about his abilities and teaching as we too experienced them. Our hearts go out to Ruth. We hope to see the physical legacies happen.

Let it also be a legacy of Patrick's that we all learn a little more about bipolar disorder. We are not experts and the following is not in any way diagnosis or personal advice but maybe it's time to talk about the hard things. Bipolar disorder is such a misunderstood condition that is shrouded in the fear of mental illness. It is our personal opinion that it is no different than any other chemical imbalance except that it manifests itself in the mental chaos of mania and physical depression. The physical depression is not necessarily a state of unhappiness but the body going too slow. Either state can be painful and can lead to the desire to have the agony end.

Much more is being said about depression even in ads on television but the information is frequently only implied. Be very aware that anyone who is not aware of their bipolar disorder may take an antidepressant and be pushed into mania. The ads and news stories one hears about teen suicide after taking antidepressants is not just happening to teens. Not that this is what happened to Patrick but it can be another of his lessons to us. If just one of us or someone in our family is helped by a new awareness of bipolar disorder, then Patrick's contribution to us multiplies.

Bill and Nancy LaFramboise

Richland WA



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