[Tweeters] not a bad "bad" day

Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Fri Sep 28 18:54:49 PDT 2007

Hello Tweeters,

All week long I wanted to go up to Mt Salmo, but after taking a long look at
the weather report this morning, I decided to change my plans. And I am glad
I did.

I started at the Peone Wetland where I found lingering Long Billed
Dowitchers and Pectoral Sandpiper. Along the Little Spokane River near the
fish hatchery, I saw several Pileated Woodpeckers and all three nuthatches.
One Osprey is still hanging around the river.

At Riverside State Park (7 mile entrance) there were many Western Bluebirds,
Yellow Rumped Warblers, a Cassin's Finch and both Rock and Canyon Wrens.

I decided to head south and try to locate Michael Woodruff's Plovers at
Phileo Lake. Sure enough, both AMERICAN GOLDEN (Spokane County Lifer) and
BLACK BELLIED PLOVERS were feeding on the mudflat on the west end of the
lake. Nearby were six Long Billed Dowitchers. While scoping these
shorebirds, three SANDHILL CRANES landed right in the middle of my view.
Startling to say the least. The surrounding woods were once again loaded
with Western Bluebirds. A late Yellow Headed Blackbird flew right by me.
There were numerous American Pipits as well. West of Phileo Lake a Merlin
darted across the road.

My next stop was at Medical Lakes with West Medical Lake providing nice
looks at Western, CLARK'S, Horned, Eared, and Pied Billed Grebes. Another
Osprey circled overhead as the cold front began to blow through. I'm pretty
sure I know what he was thinking. Doubt he will around next week - or even
tomorrow. I checked the fields up and down Ladd Road looking for Lapland
Longspur. Got a face full of blowing rain and a lot of Horned Larks and
American Pipits and more Americna Pipits and more.

Reardan Ponds had mostly typical stuff with 6 Pectoral Sandpipers feeding on
the west side of the road.

I traveled up into Stevens County and checked the STP at Valley, an out of
the way little hot spot that has been very good to me. Two pairs of Barrow's
Goldeneyes joined the Common Goldenyes, Buffleheads, Ruddy Ducks, and Ring
Necked Ducks resting on the ponds. Waitt's Lake was pretty slow but I did
round out my grebe list with a Red Necked on the lake. An adjacent road
nearby yielded 2 Northern Pygmy Owls, a Ruffed Grouse, and another Pileated
Woopecker. I stopped by Deer Lake on the way home and found three Common

It wasn't Salmo, but it wasn't such a bad day.


Terry Little

Mead, Wa

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