[Tweeters] Bell's Vireo Continues at Wylie Road Skagit WMA

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Fri Sep 28 20:20:25 PDT 2007

Hello, Today I had a brief encounter with the Bell's Vireo found by Steve
Mlodinow yesterday.
I will paste in Steve's directions below.
At about 1:30pm I encountered the bird at the "T" Steve mentions below. It
was low on an alder branch just above the underbrush in a group of several
chickadees and a few Orange-crowned Warblers. I had just parted ways with
Louise Rutter who posted earlier; sorry Louise!
A neat little bird with a stout vireo bill, an obvious treatment of white
about the eyes, a grayish head contrasting with a more olive back and a fine
yellow wash on the flanks, which were somewhat set off by a whitish breast
and belly. Couldn't make much out with regard to wing bars. One field mark I
hadn't in mind at the time of the sighting was the very yellow undertail
coverts. Wasn't til I got back to the car and looked at Sibley before I knew
they were precisely as they should be.
Though not as long a view as I'd like, there it was clear as a BELL. After I
lost it I spent 3 and a half more hours looking for it, but never was able
to relocate the bird.
NICE pick-up Mlodinow!!!
Keith Brady
Olympia, WA

Here are Steve's directions, though I parked at the other parking lot (on
the right) because I knew the "T" of which he spoke.

Park at the boat launch parking lot, walk on the trail along the river. It
comes to a T in about a mile, or maybe less. If you were to go left, you'd
be soon at the edge of Skagit Bay. Instead turn right, heading back towards
the parking lot where the maintainance buildings, etc are (and
eventually back to your car). The bird was 200-300 meters down this trail,
foraging with RC Kinglets and BC Chickadees.
Look for a small vireo, with narrow dull white spectacles, and a clear pale
to medium intensity yellow wash on sides. It has two wingbars, but the upper
wingbar would sometimes disappear, depending on how the bird held its wings.

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